Breaking Down Barriers.

Building Up Communities.


Camp Anytown Las Vegas is a no cost youth leadership camp that trains high school students in diversity, community, and inclusivity. Students participate in team building activities, discussion groups, and workshops related but not limited to racial identity, gender, privilege, prejudice, LGBTQ+, and religion/spirituality.


Delegates promote the acceptance and appreciation of people from different backgrounds in ways that enhances coexistence, cooperation, and interdependence in a community.


Each camp session serves as a proving ground where delegates explore their culture, perceptions of others, and how, with greater understanding, they can bridge gaps that have historically caused tension, violence, and a lack of community cohesion.


By direct exposure to such differences and offering them opportunities to work together, acceptance is promoted through better understanding of people’s beliefs, traditions, and cultures.


For over 29 years, Camp Anytown has directly impacted over 3,000 high school students in Southern Nevada with over 31 different racial identities and 24 religions represented. Alumni have gone on to represent Camp Anytown at the United Nations, presented at national conferences, been elected to office,  passed laws that support homeless and education initiatives, founded social justice programs, participated in Nevada’s first youth activist day in Carson City, and volunteer as camp counselors, advisors, and directors. #WeAreAnytown.

Contact Us

Camp Director: Rico Ocampo

Address: PO Box 73070
Las Vegas, NV 89170


Office:  702-722-8517

Fax:  702-534-5586 Attn: Rico Ocampo