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At Camp Anytown, we teach students that prejudice emerges from a lack of understanding and exposure to different people. It is rooted in our societal segregation. Our program has shown to help students reduce personal bias through cross cultural experiences. Students unanimously say that Camp Anytown is profound and life-changing, enabling them to appreciate others in an accepting and understanding fashion. Click below to apply!



“Camp Anytown opened my eyes to the different levels of prejudice we see on a daily basis. The program has made me feel more included in my community, and has shown me how to act when people feel excluded – It has revived me to reality.” – Aimee, 2018 fall delegate


“I am now going to change the world by creating a community that breaks down barriers and promotes coexistence” – Kaitlyn, 2018 fall delegate


“Antyown made me feel like I could be accepted by a mass majority of people, that people can learn from me and use my pronouns and its a real thing. I no longer have to fake being myself – I have never felt more me than before. Thank you.” Taylor, 2019 spring delegate


“Anytown allowed me to interact with a diverse group of leaders around Las Vegas who inspired me by educating others about diversity and privilege.” – Kolby, 2018 fall delegate


What is Camp Anytown Las Vegas?

Camp Anytown Las Vegas is a youth leadership program that aims to empower the next wave of young leaders.  Our programs trains high school students in diversity, community, and inclusivity through interactive workshops, group dialogue, civic engagement, and team building activities centered around social justice

How will Anytown help me?

Students who experience Camp Anytown leave the program equipped with the tools to increase their ability to foster inclusion and respect among all members of society and reduce personal bias.  The key to our success is bringing young people of all races, cultures, religions and backgrounds together for a challenging week of learning, sharing and change.

How much does Anytown cost?

There is no cost to attend camp, a full scholarship is awarded to each student that is accepted into the program. The total cost to send one student to camp is $400 – these are funds we cannot get back if a student fails to show up for camp, therefore, students who cancel 2 weeks before camp may be subject to a fine.

How many students will be attending?

Approximately 65-70 high school students from different high schools throughout Southern Nevada attend each Anytown session. Participants are supported throughout the week by 35 volunteer staff members.

What about the facility, housing, and meals?

Camp Anytown is held at Camp Lee Canyon Youth Resident Camp, a 45 minute drive from Las Vegas.  Delegates are assigned to same gender cabins unless they specifically request a gender inclusive cabin on their delegate application. Delegates sleep in cabins that are all equipped with heaters and are served meals three times per day. The campsite does not allow food or beverages (only water) in the cabins so please do not bring food or snacks from home.

What basic items should I bring?

Enough clothing for 4 days such as warm jacket, thermal clothing or long johns, hiking boots or sneakers, jeans, sweatshirts, long warm socks, gloves, and beanies, flip flops, sandals, bathing suits – for shower room, toiletries, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, towel, washcloth, flashlight, batteries, sleeping bag, pillow, fitted twin sized sheet or bedroll, and warm blanket.

What special items should I bring?

At Camp Anytown, we have an interactive program called “Anytown Celebration” where we host an open mic night, play games, and eat s’mores while gathered around our indoor fireplace. The dress code for the night is onesie pajamas or simple pajamas. Musical instruments and cultural dances are encouraged!

Where does Anytown gets its volunteer staff?

Our volunteer staff is made up of a diverse group of individuals from various cultures, religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds across various fields such as education, social services, non-profit, government, criminal justice, retail, and hospitality. All volunteers are background checked & receive 24 hours of training prior to attending camp.

Can I call or text while I'm at camp?

Camp Anytown Las Vegas is a technology free space – we ask that students give up their cell phones upon arrival and keep them secure until departure. This not only limits the distractions and allows us to really dive deep into what camp is about. Also, there is no cell reception on the mountain to call or text. However, the campsite have a landline available for emergency use.