Meet The Anytown Youth Council

Rico Ocampo

Executive Director

Rico Ocampo was born in Morelos, Mexico and immigrated to United States in 1992. He is an undocumented/DACAmented community organizer and activist. He has engaged in local, statewide, and national platforms to advance advocacy and justice for homeless youth and immigrant communities. In 2007, he was selected to attend Camp Anytown as a student delegate and in 2016, he was selected to serve as the Executive Director for the program. Through his 10+ years in youth development, he remains passionate about anti-racism work and amplifying youth voices. In addition, Rico also serves as the Youth and Programs Organizer for Make the Road Nevada, a non-profit organization that works with Latinx and working-class communities of color through policy innovation and transformative education. Rico spends his spare time volunteering for interfaith and peace building organizations like the United Religions Initiative where he serves on the URI North America Leadership Council and helps provide strategic direction and helping to implement various programming and initiatives within the North America region.


Hello My name is Sanniyah Haye and I am a senior at Faith Lutheran High School. I plan to attend either Benedict college in South Carolina or Prairie View A&M University in Texas next fall. I’m super grateful, excited, and humbled to be a part of the AYC. Often times, I am a minority in a majority of spaces I reside in – this is especially true in my future career goals to be in Cyber Security and Engineering. As a black young woman, my voice is often silenced, over powered, or ignored by men and other races mainly because they underestimate me based on a perceived look. I’m there to change that and bring diversity and inclusions in all spaces I am within. Being within AYC, I want to empower other young women to speak with their hearts and not be silenced or ignored by a man for their views and opinions. I want Anytown women to stand strong in their beliefs, in themselves, and know they can do and accomplish anything. I want the AYC to put together workshops to empower women to take hold of their futures and spaces meant for them like we are destined to. My grandfather, an intellectual and strong man, always tells me, & quote “The future is FEMALE”, and from his wisdom and insight about several truths of this world I am not to think wrong of this one. Women have been the backbone of civilization for centuries, and it’s now time for us to take the lead in many high places to create a world that is truly full of respect, compassion, and love that we all wish to see. Thank you.


My name is Jose Rivera, I am a proud Eldorado High School alumni and a first generation college student majoring in Elementary Education at the College of Southern Nevada. As a former Anytown delegate and current AYC co-founder, I am excited to share my ideas and vision to help youth reach their full potential. My commitment and dedication stems from bearing witness to the marginalization and dehumanization of the undocumented community. I look forward to being a voice for millions of undocumented students and people who’s lives, like mine, have been in peril for far too long.


Hey! My name is Skyylar aka Cupcake, I’m sixteen and a senior at Desert Pines HS. I’m super excited to join the AYC! I can’t wait to add to the curriculum of Camp Anytown and strengthen the experience our delegates have. I have always been fascinated with the workshops that are at camp and have aspired to add to them. As a CIT, I have gained experience in facilitation and networking through leading discussion groups and mixers. I try and make sure that each idea is heard and understood fairly while making sure not to disagree or agree in an obvious way that may sway the conversation. It is important that a delegate feels heard and taken seriously, without feeling like their feelings are heard louder than others. Delegates need to feel validated as much as possible, but not favored over others. This is just one of the many things that camp has taught me, and I choose to use my relationships and time with the organization to raise other delegates into my position and beyond, teaching them the things I have learned.


My name is Abraham Lugo, but most people call me Abe. I am nineteen years old, just recently graduated from College of Southern Nevada High School, and am a current student at UNLV. I’ve found that Camp Anytown ingrains this sense of urgency for the change we desperately need to come together for. I want to act as a voice for people suffering injustices and as a leader against all hate. It’s what we as humans must do to weave ourselves into this change for a greater purpose; Love one another.


I am eager to see what we as a youth council can do to make the curriculum and experience as moving as we possibly can for delegates generations to come. In every community there is work to be done and wounds to heal, but in every heart there is the power to do it. So as the leaders of today, lets go change the world.


Hello everyone! I am Kaitlyn Camille Macato, graduate from East Career and Technical Academy and now attending the University of Nevada, Reno as a Human Development and Family Studies Major. As a student in the state of Nevada, I’ve noticed the lack of cultivating diversity and cultural awareness about mental health within the educational system. It’s difficult to develop a sense of self-worth in an environment that continues to fabricate hardships and the differences that people will be facing. Rooted from this dilemma, my goal is to help educate high schoolers about mental health and illnesses. Through the AYC, I hope to create a workshop, campaigns, and other events regarding mental health. Knowledge is power and diversifying their awareness about how problems start, what resources are available to them for help, and knowing that they are not alone, will only benefit them. I am extremely excited to see what the future holds for all of us, and I hope you are, too!


My name is Marvin Valdez – I am an Eldorado High School alumn and a current youth leader for Make the Road Nevada. I am excited to be a part of a group that shares the same determination as I do – the determination to dismantle stereotypes that we’re confronted with on a daily basis. I am proud to know that we can all stand together and play a huge role in this change. I believe, if we all live by the golden rule, we can achieve greatness. The Anytown program has educated me on all of these topics and I feel it is my turn to inspire others.


I’m currently a junior at East Career and Technical Academy majoring in Marketing and Hospitality. As a first generation American, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to help advocate for social justice. I’m looking forward to implementing different activities at camp regarding racial disparities involving youth and bringing awareness to solutions such as gun violence within the community and learning how to elevate the voices of marginalized groups as we fight for change.


Hello all! My name is Mateo Beers and I am an Anytown alum, currently double-majoring and double-minoring at UNLV. Growing up in a diverse state that lacks diverse leaders, I took it upon myself to become my own community organizer and leader. Aside from being a member of the Anytown Youth Council, I am the Executive Director of March for Our Lives Las Vegas, an organization for students, by students. It’s my duty to be a youth advocate and to challenge those who might think differently. My time at Camp and daily life is with surrounding others with love and self-worth, exuding my mantra said best by Michelle Obama: “Am I good enough? Yes I am.”


I am ecstatic to share this opportunity of being a founding member of the AYC with such a diverse and well-rounded group! You will see a lot of incredible small changes that will last a lifetime. Let’s see what this journey has in store for us!


I’m 16 years old and a current junior at Liberty High School. After attending Camp Anytown, I grew to find myself and became drawn to social justice issues. I am passionate about making the change of today and allowing everyone to have equal opportunities no matter where they come from. Coming from a Latino culture, my goal has been to show and encourage others to reach their full potential even through the challenges faced in America. I’ve always wanted to make a change in social justice issues because of what my parents have been through and that’s what i’m most excited for being apart of the AYC, bringing awareness to issues faced by people of color as well as to celebrate cultural differences. I’m excited to show what I’m made of and to change issues society is afraid to talk about.


Hello! My name is Shaun Mabanta and I am a Freshman at the University of Nevada, Reno studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on the Pre-Medicine track; and I am an alumni of Liberty High School. I recently started working for Crisis Support Services of Nevada where I am learning about numerous topics such as diversity, immigration, LGBTQ+, suicide, anxiety, and depression. Within AYC, I am ecstatic to help implement the Mental Health workshop and contribute my ideas and information I learn from my training at the Crisis Center. I am also looking forward to not only seeing, but experiencing the profound impact the AYC’s decisions lead to in the lives of delegates and staff of Camp Anytown; and seeing everyone rock the amazing merch that we put out!

“Little actions make BIG differences”


I am a junior at Silverado High School and former Camp Anytown delegate. I am esteemed that my peers and I of the same generation have obtained the opportunity to project our voices advocating for social justice on a broader scale. I am enthusiastic to have the opportunity to shape the direction of Camp Anytown’s social justice and youth leadership program for years to come and eager to make our mark on it. I am looking forward to implementing curriculum that addresses domestic abuse and the psychological facets behind it.


I am a junior at Advanced Technologies Academy and am extremely excited to serve as one members of the Anytown Youth Council. I am excited to reach out to other youth leaders, create a better today for the nation’s youth, protest injustices in our community and above all else, bring new and impactful decisions to better the Anytown curriculum. I am eager to introduce new curriculum about climate change, antiracism, how to make changes once you go down the mountain and most importantly, living by the golden rule.


Aloha kākou! My name is Kolby, and while originally from Oahu, Hawai’i, I now currently reside here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I graduated from Spring Valley High School and am currently attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as an Exploring Major. Being a part of the Anytown Youth Council is exciting in itself, however, I am most excited to take part in decision making processes to help shape the Anytown program so that it may have the same positive impact on others as it has had on me. I am specifically looking forward to providing an insight to indigenous rights along with gender expression to help educate others on underrepresented groups in today’s society.